Discover the True Value of a Student Athlete

The enactment of NIL has revolutionized marketing, enabling college athletes to earn money and drive high ROI campaigns for brands. However, the industry lacks transparency and regulations, leading to distrust between brands and athletes. We are dedicated to bridging this trust gap with unmatched transparency through our proprietary data insights.

Building Trust

Data-Driven Insights

Athletes receive accurate evaluations that reflect their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Comprehensive Scoring

Our proprietary scoring system analyzes a wide range of variables to provide a complete and precise assessment of each athlete’s performance, potential, and associated risks, ensuring informed investment decisions.


We ensure unmatched transparency in the NIL marketplace by delivering clear, reliable data that brands and athletes can trust, fostering better decision-making and stronger partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships

Our data-driven insights empower brands and athletes to make strategic, well-informed choices, enhancing the potential for successful and high-impact NIL partnerships.

Customer Reviews


Based on an extensive list of variables, our comprehensive athlete scores help brands confidently invest in athletes by assessing their potential value and associated risks.

Meg S.

NIL Director

Simple, clean & minimal. Student Athlete scores with context.


Garrett F.

Dir. of Development, D1 University

Insights I didn’t realize I needed.


Kourtney M.

Dir of Athletics Compliance, D2 University

Numbers that matter to us.