What’s your Velocity Rating?

We are on a mission to revolutionize the world of college athletics and brand partnerships by providing the most comprehensive and accurate NIL assessments for college athletes.

Velocity Rating NIL Consultant ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT-hosted NIL Consultant for quick Q&A engagements
  • Ask a NIL question and get an answer, quickly. Here are some key areas our ChatGPT co-pilot can assist with:
  • NCAA NIL Policies: Understanding the NCAA’s interim NIL policy, its implications for student-athletes and institutions, and how it interacts with state laws.
  • State NIL Laws: Insights into how various state laws govern NIL activities and their enforcement mechanisms.
  • Emerging Trends and Data: Latest trends, data points, and predictions about the future direction of NIL in college athletics.
  • Educational Resources: Availability of educational sessions and support for student-athletes, institutions, and other stakeholders involved in NIL.
  • Launching on ChatGPT Store in January 2024 here.

Discover your Velocity Rating

  • NIL assessments that can enable your potential clients
  • Rating system to highlight college athletes who may not be on everyone’s radar when it comes to marketability.
  • Exclusive access to NIL insights.
  • Coming Soon (Q1 2024)

We are dedicated to transforming the landscape of college athletics and brand partnerships. Our mission is to empower college athletes, coaches, NIL collectives, and consumer brands with unparalleled insights and data-driven risk assessments of our student athletes.

We deliver comprehensive NIL assessments that enable our clients to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of brand partnerships. We are committed to revolutionizing the way brands and college athletes navigate the evolving NIL landscape, ensuring fairness, transparency, and success for all stakeholders involved.

Matt Kemph

CEO, Velocity Rating